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10 stocks to keep an eye on

May 01, 20231 min read

Long-term investors ignore the churning, short-term rise and fall of stock markets. Rather than getting caught up in the drama, they buy the shares of stable companies with reliable performance that’s measured in years—or even decades.

The best long-term stocks are growing businesses that deliver steady returns. To find them, you need to understand the metrics that provide solid evidence of dependable long-term performance. Things like regularly outperforming the S&P 500, and avoiding the big drops (and gains) that high-flying stocks tend to see over the short term.

Forbes Advisor has identified 11 stocks that could be great long-term investments. Each of our picks are backed by steadily rising earnings and sales, and have seen smaller price drops than 92% of the stocks in the market. As an added bonus, some of these equities are still trading at cheaper valuations than they’ve seen in years.

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